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Clangoring imp

Posted by Avadhut on 10 April 2008

Once, long ago, she pinned this on my softboard during halloween:

A gentle breeze rustling the dry cornstalks

A sound is heard, a goblin walks

A harvest moon suffers a black cat’s cry.

Oh’ do witched fly!

The bonfire catches a pumpkin’s gleam.

Rejoice, it’s Halloween!

She used to award me “stars” for good behavior and “commas” for bad.

She always thought that I’d choose spelunking over food.

And she thought that my favorite game was mudpie-mudpie.

Then she was gone.

Now, she’s finally here.



7 Responses to “Clangoring imp”

  1. jumbleberrypie said

    Thanks avadhoot, our very own little marathi piggie-boy
    we ALL love you very much 🙂 (even though you had more commas Than Stars) hrmph!

  2. j${mi}f said

    That explains why she keeps putting commas by my name! It never made sense until now. I didn’t realize you could get stars too.

  3. Charl said

    HEY! that comma stuff and softboard decor was partly my brainchild too!

    Can’t believe you’re playing favorites, pig. Hmph.

  4. Charl said

    But yeah, I do miss the clangoring imp a *lot*. Life here is some how not the same without you, Pink.

  5. Pink Imp said


    i concur! i remember you struggling to add commas..LOL!

  6. Avadhut said

    Uff. Can’t really win you too can I? Asses. Fine—World, Charl is as much responsible as Steen for all those commas and stars, for those who have seen it. 😛

  7. dasdas said


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