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El Paseo

Posted by Avadhut on 8 April 2008

Had a fun weekend, this last one. Rode off to Kashid. Three bikes—a Bullet 500, a Bullet 350, and an Avenger—and three cars—a Honda Civic, a Honda City, and an Accent.

This is all that we broke between Mukul’s (the 350) and my (the 500) bike.

The 500 (1998 Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc-Cast Iron Engine):

1. The rubber lever on the gear shifter.

2. The sump gaurd.

3. One of the horns “magically” fell off! ::gulp::

4. Gaurd mounts broke.

5. I think I have worn off the valve liners too.

6. The wheel bearings are definitely legally dead. 🙂

The 350 (Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo 350cc-AVL Engine):

1. The oil pump had temporarily given up on us.

2. The clutch cable.

3. Earthing wire came off.

4. Misfiring.

The night we travelled to Kashid, both bulls were regularly spitting fire everytime we slowed down from 100-110 KMPH, causing poor Kiran to keep safe distance. LoL.

All in all, good fun.

As usual


10 Responses to “El Paseo”

  1. I had to return the avenger 😦 😦 .. that ass came with his pulsar and exchanged the avenger.. and said that he wants the avenger since he CANNOT DRIVE THE PULSAR .. with this level of inflexibility he has clearly shown his inability for a trip to kerala..

  2. Avadhut said

    Who said he was even being considered?

    PS: Amcha sathi kadhi Pomfret masala nahin banavla! Anyways, kasa zhala hota? Kay kay ghatla tyat?

  3. Read my blog for all ur answers..

  4. jumbleberrypie said

    super! like a little mustang your bike is! 🙂

  5. Charl said

    She’s beautiful Ava, the bullet. Does she have a name? (Recently, I’ve come to deal with the fact that sentimental minions like yourself tend to name things…guitars Layla and Dani and laptops Natalie, for instance. Hence the question.)

  6. Seema said

    @Avadhut: I never got to drive that bike of urs the last time u were in pune… Drive it dwn here the next time… charl has a good idea over there..y dont u name it.. u can call it “Champa”. It s a good name..

    PS: u can use indian names too sometimes…. I personally like “Dhanno”

  7. Seema said

    One more thing… I call my car Rampyari and Ranjeet’s honda city Chammakchallo…

  8. Avadhut said

    Err. Tis’ ok. I will stick to “her” and “my bike” for now.

  9. anvita said

    I went to Kashid 2 weekends ago. Swam for 4 hours (5am – 9am), every muscle in my body hurt after… but totally worth it.

  10. Swapnil said

    Loved the road trip..esp given the ungodly hour and the feel of the road..knew exactly what “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” was all about..but still regret the fact that my contribution in the morning soccer bout with an almost broken jaw was forsaken for a slight slip in the evening bout 😦

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