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I am black in my new form

Posted by Avadhut on 10 March 2008

 Steena: whats that? blueberry swizzle?
 me: its the muffin!
 Steena: or pointer?
 me: I love muffins
 Steena: ohhh
  u do???
 me: and I like pointers too
 Steena: LOL
 me: actually, I am quite crazy about them
 me: but sometimes they used to go crazy on me
 me: until I learnt that I created them
 Steena: ?
  pls ok
 me: So I can control them
 Steena: arrey
 me: mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
 Steena: LOL
  tooo much masti
 me: Complete control over all memory locations
 Steena: ye ye
 me: the world is Mine now!
 Steena: ye minions
 Steena: whos locations resteth in my hands; mere zeroes and ones cldnt stop me
 me: I am manipulator of all things binary. I AM…the POINTER!
 Steena: chee chee
  u are a bad root node
 dirty leaf
 me: I will garble up your inode table only!
 Steena: bad leafff
  u are a bad boy
  so u will be a left child
  truncate all left children
me: u are a misdirected B-tree
Steena: hawww. what an insult. u are a badly normalized relation schema—all redundant info
me: that is correctable–a mere anomaly compared to the catastrophe that is a misdirected B-tree
Steena: snifff. lets see. u are a dirty packet. with all bad data
me: u are the worst kind—a mere redundant database record…that too unsanitized
Steena: sql injections!
me: also, during the next cron run, u are queued for purging
me: u are an ISAM record in a InnoDB world…Go upgrade Steen
Dim steen as String
steen = “Purge yourself”
You are an ill-linked-list
Steena: BadBoy bb = new BadBoy(new Pest(67, yes, marathi)))
Steena: hahahhaha
me: bb.killSteen();
Steena: hawww
ur baddd
but i program u
me: bb.dumpGarbage(‘On_steen’);
Steena: eeeeeee
import java.pigggie
me: i have just acquired my own consience
and, thereby, control
i am going to fudge up your HDD
me: mu ha ha ha ha

–The end–


4 Responses to “I am black in my new form”

  1. LOL .. nice to c u back on wordpress…and felt better after reading humor on ur blog. 🙂

    but still i am angry on u for cancelling our trip

  2. Seema said

    u guys are going for a TRIP????

  3. Pink Imp said

    Good grief!
    but very nice 😀
    and as a final repartee — You are badly formed packet; so badly formed that no router wants to route you., that means, you are doomed to LIVE in the N/W, aimlessly, for ever.

    hey. have you heard about the infinite monkeys problem? j says arguing on this with rb will only increase my skills for fighting illogical arguments x-(

  4. Pink Imp said


    you’ve omitted ALL the nice ones I cracked:

    So, here people, read: READ AWAY: and know, the boy is MAD and BAD and quite off his crumpet: as dotty as you please!!!

    Avadhut: u are the worst kind–a mere redundant database record…that too unsanitized
    ha ha
    me: HAWWWW
    Avadhut: he he
    Avadhut: yeahh
    ha ha ha
    me: sql injections!
    double phoooey!
    Avadhut: also, during the next cron run, u are queued for purging
    ha ha a
    me: aaaaaaa
    Avadhut: a cache record u are
    me: snif snif
    poor me
    Avadhut: a mere footnote
    he he he
    me: u are a bad page
    never called
    always sitting on disk
    down in dumps
    Avadhut: good one
    wait wait..
    me: u are the dirty bit
    always read in a dirty manner

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