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Will this do?

Posted by Avadhut on 26 November 2007

I have lunch with three women. Everyday.

They tell me a lot of stuff. So…


P.S: Thanks R, S, and C, and a few thanks go out to P also. 🙂


14 Responses to “Will this do?”

  1. Sinus said

    He came to us ignorant; he leaves us with products.
    I, for one, am proud of us!
    Avadhut: You are welcome! 🙂

  2. Charl said


    The pleasure was totally ours! Watching you squirm like that 🙂 Not like you didnt enjoy our very vivid descriptions, mind. Waving you hands in the air like an earnest schoolboy whenever you needed a clarification. 🙂

  3. Avadhut said

    He he, a good student I was.

  4. Sinus said

    A very keen learner, yes!

  5. Ergo said

    Scuurvy!?! Eeeeeeeeek! I didn’t know you could get SCURRRVY from chums! Eeeeeyyyyuuuucck! Gawd, I’m glad to be a man! I love my dick. (p.s. the possessive pronoun “my” is optional in the last sentence.)

  6. Avadhut said

    Yags Jerry!

    But next time when we meet, ask me what is “purple rava.”

  7. Charl said

    EWWW! I think you told us what that was before. Ugh. I can almost smell it.


  8. Ergo said

    Hey “Yags”!! hehehee. 😉 I like “Yags!”

  9. Pink Imp said


    what is this avadhut/piggie/idli boy?

    i only visited your blog because i wanted to read some open source thing.
    i must say you have digressed and that too disgracefully.
    i may as well have read cosmopolitan or some stupid chick blog x-(
    and before you had also written some porn things about CS 😦
    i am beginning to not like you 😦

  10. Avadhut said

    Ha ha, Steen. But blame it on the three women.

  11. Pink Imp said

    i don’t like this post AT ALL x-(

    now in order to make it up to me, write a whole post on design patterns: their strategy and motivation.


  12. Sinus said

    Wah! Wah!! 🙂

  13. seemajoshi said

    Write something new….
    This place has become stale !

  14. TDT said

    eww. scurvy!

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