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Posted by Avadhut on 21 September 2007

-My dinner last night: Masala Maggi with atleast 75 grams of butter on top, 5 cubes of cheese, and Maggi Hot and Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce It’s Different®—I call it special effects :).

-Three years ago I was taking calls in a BPO at 4 am. Two years ago I was listening to calls. A year ago I was unemployed. Yesterday, my CEO offered me copious amounts of money to keep me from quitting to join a US-based startup.[1]

[1] Read somewhere that when you pursue things that truly excite you, they would reward in more important ways, like happiness. So true.


15 Responses to “Foo”

  1. Pink Imp said

    i am sure u have a belly due to excessive butter consumption. it was more like having butter and cheese as your main course 😀

    Go piggie, go!

  2. Avadhut said

    Arrey! No ya. I ate a whole bunch of bananas after that, and don’t we all know, a little too well, what bananas do in scenarios such as these?

  3. complicating simple things…
    just add that entire Maggi thing in boiled water and then the masala. Except for onions u dont need anything. Garnish it with ketch up before serving.

    5 cubes of cheese and 75 gms butter.. r u nuts..its so much high on fats 😉

  4. Avadhut said

    But it’s also muchly high on happiness!

  5. Ergo said

    Avs, I KNOW you PURPOSELY BAIT ME with your REPEATED allusions to homoerotic imagery like software maestros “fingering” each other and now, BANANAS!!?!?? But na ah, I ain’t fallin for it this time, hun. I’m calling you out on it!

  6. seemajoshi said

    Kiran : Look whoz talking abt “high on fats”. U have layers of those on ur belly a**. Unless u ment getting high on consuming FATS u would never fit into the scenario of being in shape…

  7. Sam Rosen said

    So…did you stay or did you go?


    Great to have you on board,

  8. Charlotte said

    Yeah yeah, we get it. Dream job, dream laptop, rewards, happiness et al.

    Can we have a blogpost now?

  9. Kiran said

    As it is u linger in ur home and do nothing the entire day. Why dont u post something instead 😉

  10. Ergo said

    Cuz he’s making love to sony.

  11. Charlotte said



  12. TDT said

    it should be _grated_ cheese.
    and you cover the dish for a while.

    then you open, and behold a nice white crust on top, and hot-hot maggi underneath.

    =D and with beer, it is utterly happy.

    damn. craving at work.

  13. Avadhut said

    @TDT: Ooohh! Grated cheese, eh? Yes, yes. Why not? Next time, I shall remember. I love improvisations. Which is why I like food. And jazz :-).

  14. anvita said

    no offense but this ” Read somewhere that when you pursue things that truly excite you, they would reward in more important ways, like happiness. So true!” is not true… BAH HUMBUG!

  15. Avadhut said

    It is :(. Why would say such a thing? Sniff.

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