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Visual sick

Posted by Avadhut on 6 June 2007

Finally, I have uploaded the screen-shots of my Intranet. A wonderfully powerful and ludicrously flexible system implement in Drupal. I wish I could upload a working version somewhere, but my company policies would not allow me to do so.


Frontpage: Custom handcrafted theme, high-clarity PNG icons, etc. The layout and look of the page was possible due to two Drupal modules—Views and Panels. The event calendar on the left is AJAX based and also generates iCal feeds (for MS Outlook). RSS 2.0 feeds are listed at the bottom.  


Handbook: Uses the book module. Again modded and themed to suit our requirements.


Posts: Being editors, my colleagues wanted everything from the posting section’s WYSIWYG editor. The answer was the FCKEditor. I modded it a bit to better suit our requirements. For post classification, I used a hybrid categorization technique wherein primary post classification is done by selecting hard-coded categories and secondary classification is performed by specifying (optional) free tags. Primary classification determines where all the posts show up, and secondary, aids discoverability.


Forums: Taxonomy module facilitated the creation of several nested/flat forums. They are a big hit in the office, accounting for more than 35% of all the interaction. Discussions regarding everthing—from new process reengineering excercises to Intranet look & feel—were discussed on forums.


A simple node page: Shows how a single post/article looks. Notice the green arrows indicating nested comments—makes it easier to track conversations.


Post tracker: Tracks all recent posts, new comments, etc. Life has been easy thanks to the Views module.


Library: Custom node type, Views, & jRating.


Library listing: A book listing from the library. Custom data type themed using the ConTemplate module. Notice the AJAX-based rating module at the bottom. The “loan now” link auto-generates an email in MS Outlook and sends it to the designated librarian. Books loaned out do not have the loan now link, instead they display information regarding who has loaned the book, when, and when he/she plans to return it!


Recommend a resource: Allows anyone to recommend books/subscriptions for the organization to buy/subscribe to. Generated using the WebForm module. It auto mails the forms info to the designated person. Also, it allows someone with enough privelegs to view statistics regarding form submissions and download all submissions in a EXCEL format!


Microsite: A microsite developed entirely within the new system. Notice how the left and right blocks have changed with the change in site.


Event calendar: Allows all to view role-based events, download iCal feed for one/all events, add comments to events, etc. This page view feeds directly into/from the small block on the right.

And finally, for some shock value, below the graphical representation of the database schema—db_schema.png—knock yourself out!


11 Responses to “Visual sick”

  1. Pink Imp said




  2. Ergo said

    I can’t quite think of the right words to say. It’s brilliant (and I apologize for such an understatement). Must be so much fun being around Cactus now… especially being on its intranet. I’m sure Dex would have had no qualms now about being forced to have this as his homepage… right?

  3. Yup!! awesome..just 2 gud..keep it up!!

  4. seemajoshi said

    wow ya.. like always u have done a great job!!
    it looks awesome..the features also seem damn interesting!!

  5. Aron said

    oye it’s awesome. I had a look at it when i came to work that day. Did you read the Norberg article i sent you? What’s you think?

  6. Sinus said

    Three cheers for Avadhut!

  7. Neemie said

    That is one fine theme! Is it a custom Drupal theme? You should share the implementation notes, for example I’m wondering whether the Useful Links block in your left sidebar is a blogroll module?

  8. Avadhut said

    Yep! It is a custom Drupal theme. I wish I had more time to document how each of those things was achieved. For example, unlike most available themes, this theme uses not 2, not 3, but a total of 8 regions—a sort of cross between the Hemingway and Andreas09 themes for wordpress. The UsefulLinks block in the left sidebar is simply a custom block. Since the lists in the entire left block are styles similarly using CSS, it gives it a more graceful/sleek appearance. The small arrow-boxes you see next to those links are possible due to the external-links module. I am planning to put up all the modules used, new modules specially coded, and the core hacks on this blog some time soon.

    Anyways, thanks for the appreciation, and would love to answer anymore quesions if you have any!

  9. Pinchu said


    Fundoo stuff….not much i could decode, but the effort is visible… Avadhut for President (!) ..ha ha

  10. Masimo said

    Very good adn interesting. can you pulish theme for public donwload?

  11. Avadhut said

    I wish I could, Masimo, but the theme belongs to the organization. As such, I can’t really publish it. 😦

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