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Posted by Avadhut on 3 June 2007

Ever tried coding a website in Drupal on a PIII PC with only 128 MB RAM and the following applications running: Dreamweaver 8, Photoshop 7, WS FTP, Sygate Personal Firewall, Apache, MySQL Server 5.0, and Winamp 2.7?

Bonus question: Who in hell’s name came up with the abomination that is fat-free ice cream?


9 Responses to “Question”

  1. I work on an IDE called IBM RAD which recommends minimum of 1 GB RAM and we have exactly the same in our Kanjoos company. Now imagine running Windows Media Player, Outlook, IE (with 4 tabs) and Oracle..the machine becomes slower than Z OS on which i worked during my Mainframe training days.

    PS: I need more explanation on the BONUS Question

  2. Pink Imp said

    Switch to Windows Media Player or better still don’t work at Cactus 😉 tee hee hee!!

  3. COINCIDENCE!! 2 readers commenting on ur blog at the same time, but with different emotions. Pink Imp, getting up on a lazy Sunday morning (or afternoon should I say), and me going to sleep with the fact in mind that tomm its just another Monday morning 😦

  4. Avadhut said

    That PC, in question, was mine
    Ever since I started working on the new projects at Cactus, my office PC’s been upped to a gig of RAM. Works like a charm I tell you. The broadband connection, though, leaves a lot to be desired.

  5. Avadhut said

    An IDE that requires 1 GB of RAM! What does it do? Take the code-hints feature a step further—types the code as and while you think it! Now that would be something I’d be willing to shell out 2 gigs for 😉

  6. DT said

    1. no.

    bonus: yeah! losers! oxymoron boletho, that. (i’m eating chocolate chip cookie. imagine if that becomes fatfree.)(wait. has it already?)

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