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Posted by Avadhut on 9 May 2007

a. My sink invariably has an ant[1] that keeps scurrying around pointlessly. I always wait till it’s at a safe place before turning on the tap. I used to think that I was just trying to be a nice person, but now I think that it’s just that the ant reminds me of myself.

b. Yesterday, I went to my sister’s place to pick up some stuff. I was trying to park the bike in her building compound and there was this huge dog who acted like he[2] simply did’nt like the idea. I ended up spending 20 mins circling the building till the dog went away. He did’nt. I did.

 [1]  don’t know the ant(s) well enough to know if it’s the same ant, but there’s always one numbers of ant in the sink.

[2] or she; who knows these things.


12 Responses to “Animals”

  1. adagiago said

    oh god – another ant protector. i do similar things!

    pleased to meet you!

    grace @

  2. Charlotte Baptista said


  3. Avadhut said

    Oye! If you saw the size of that dog, you’d share a similar emotion. He was HUGE.

  4. seemajoshi said

    So what were u thinking while circling the building??

  5. Donna said

    Ant jokes (relevant to ur love for ants)-Pls dont faint or brand them as PJs

    Three ants walking thru a narrow street..
    Two elephants rush by them.
    One of the ants turns with anger towards the elephants becos of their unruly behavior – others solace him “it ok! leave him yaar – we are three, they are only two”

    Three ants (the same ones) sitting on the branch of a tree.
    The (same) elephants are passing below.
    The other two ants shout to the third one “Attack him! Stamp him and Kill him!!!!!”

  6. Avadhut said

    What was I thinking?

    That maybe if I circled the building fast enough I could create a vortex opening the portal resulting in the suction of the damnable dog into the 13th dimension!

    Alas, I realised, as must have Alvin Toffler when he was a toddler, thats things don’t quite work that way. 😦

  7. anvita said

    hope you are as thoughtful when it comes to people!
    but i can safely say that people usually have the same effect on me as the dog had on you.

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  9. Avadhut said

    A piddly 1!
    That’s it?

    Listen K, take my advice—come back when it is >7 😛

  10. ooh, watchout. the basstids will come in a torrent soon, leaving trails for minions.

  11. Avadhut said

    OJ: Thats where I hope/pray the good karma thing kicks in ;).

  12. retroglades said


    Im sure that dog/not-male dog was some distant cousin of putti’s ferocious belonging….trust me then, the fast circling to create a votex opening the portal to suck in the damnable dog into the 13th dimension wouldv been worth the perspiration..

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