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Imaginary conversation – I

Posted by Avadhut on 12 March 2007


They sat at the booth—leather clad couches, dark wood paneling, and soft jazz music floating in the air.


She: (offering her most exquisite profilesucked in cheeks, puckered lips, just gently holding the cigarette in its place) aren’t you going to light it? (it wasn’t a question nor a demand, somewhere between the two and beyond them both at the same time)

He: (obviously fumbling, lights the cigarette)

The thing about goddesses is that they can easily kill decent living mortals with even their most banal gestures.

she must be swift and white

And subtly warm, and half perverse

And sweet like sharp soft fruit to bite

And like a snake’s love lithe and fierce


4 Responses to “Imaginary conversation – I”

  1. Ergo said


    I’m only barely to beginning to see the many talented sides of you. Actually, talent isn’t the right word. It’s much more than mere talent.

  2. Avadhut said

    This only makes me smile. 🙂

  3. Charlotte said

    I love the poem! After a google search it turns out to be Swinburne’s Felise. Swinburne’s Felise!!!! Last thing i’d expect to find you read! Lots of thing we dont know about you, Avs. Hmmmmm ::scratches chin:: Here’s to rediscovering 😀

  4. Sinus said

    the many-sidedness of the bunny! i love it!

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