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Tags, memes, and wet chickens

Posted by Avadhut on 8 March 2007


7 Responses to “Tags, memes, and wet chickens”

  1. Ergo said

    HAHAHAHAA!!! Love the byline of this blog. And hey, I know what tags are.. and what memes are… but what the HELL is “wet chickens”?!?!?

    🙂 Would love to read more of you here.

  2. Ergo said

    Ugh. you have post moderation. ugh ugh ugh.

  3. Avadhut said

    Not any more!
    This is so wierd, three comments and no post yet.

  4. Ergo said

    Arre ya, when’s this post gonna be written! Your readers are clamoring for more theatricalities of the humble bookmark.

  5. Avadhut said

    Soon my fellow Roman, soon!
    Question: I uploaded a photu. I isnt’ showing up like yours does on this comment. Help me oh mighty one!

  6. Sinus said

    i dont understand nothing…wheres the post!??!? now i feel stupid 😦

  7. Doesnt meme sound like “Hey..Zhe kya vhey!! Phe Phe”..remember irritating Mukul with Phe Phe Jeans..

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